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    November 30, 2016

    Remembering Wendy Walsh and her love for the wild

    “What I love most is watching the cycles of life unfolding through the diverse array of Northwest wildlife,” said Wendy Walsh, reflecting on her land in Woodinville, Washington. Wendy permanently protected her land with a Wildlife Land Trust conservation easement in 2000, becoming a member of the Trust’s family along the way. News of her passing on November 16, 2016, deeply saddens us. But we find reason to rejoice in her meaningful and enduring accomplishments for wildlife, and we will always think of her with fondness and gratitude for her warm friendship and her dedication to our shared mission.

    Remembering Wendy’s long association with the Trust, Steve Swartz, general counsel, said, “Wendy loved her land and wanted it saved, protected forever. She understood that protecting her treasured property exactly the way she wanted was complicated and took time and money to do right. She put her confidence in us at a time in the Trust’s history when we were still learning and largely untested. Her expectations for us were then, and always remained, high. Her trust in us to keep the promise we made to her when we signed her easements—that, yes, her property would stay protected forever—was always total.”

    Wendy’s foresight ensures river otters, bobcats, beavers, black bears, herons, woodpeckers, woodland songbirds and countless other creatures will forever have safe homes in her land’s diverse habitats. Her land also provides a wildlife corridor between lands protected by King County, and the County recognized the importance of her conservation efforts in 2005, by honoring her with the biannual Green Globe Award.

    “She really was a pioneer in conservation in her area,” says Trust president Ben Callison, “and she truly loved the Trust, its mission and its staff. She saw us as part of her family, and her life and compassion for the wild inspires us all.” As Wendy once expressed, “There is strength in the unity we all feel towards continuing to do what we set out to do, which is to be partners in loving the Planet and all of Creation.”


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