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    Nearly ten-thousand acres of irreplaceable rainforest and related wildlife habitats in Belize’s Golden Stream watershed are protected by a cooperative agreement entered into by the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust with the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, Fauna and Flora International, and EarthVoice. Through the teaming of resources and expertise, the land will be permanently protected from the encroachment of development and other activities that would otherwise diminish the land’s ability to nurture wildlife.

    Enjoy these views of wildlife in Belize by karmavisiontv.

    Large blocks of pristine forest, including many large mahogany and Santa Maria trees, make the preservation of this habitat especially important. As the last tropical lowland mixed broad-leaf forest linking the Maya Mountains with Port Honduras Marine Reserve, this expansive property provides essential food, shelter, and safe places for a rich array of indigenous wildlife.

    A number of threatened and endangered species of mammals inhabit the area, including the threatened Baird’s Tapir, the endangered Central American spider monkey, and the endangered West Indian manatee. Other mammals for whom this land provides sanctuary are the collared peccary, paca, kinkajou, coatimundi, neotropical river otter, and Central America’s five great cats: the jaguar, jaguarundi, puma, ocelot, and margay. Over 300 species of birds have also been identified on the property, many of which are considered endangered on a global scale, such as the Keel-billed Motmot.

    In order to expand the scope of HSWLT’s influence and effectiveness for the benefit of wildlife, we frequently shares funds, expertise and HSWLT’s humane philosophy with other organizations.  All HSWLT shared efforts are rooted in our commitment to providing wildlife with safe places to live, forever, by assisting other organizations that share our concerns for wildlife and habitat.  If you would like to support collaborations like the Golden Stream Project, please donate here.


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