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    The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust supports the work of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, a coalition of conservation groups, animal welfare organizations, wildlife professionals, hunters, ranchers and other Michigan citizens working to protect Michigan's fragile wolf population.

    Wolves have been on the protected list in Michigan for nearly 50 years. There are fewer than 700 wolves in Michigan and their numbers are only now starting to recover. It's not right to spend decades bringing the wolf back from the brink of extinction only to turn around and allow them to be killed for sport.

    It’s already legal in Michigan to kill wolves in order to protect livestock or dogs. The wolf population is simply not large enough to support the hunting of wolves for sport. It's unnecessary and reckless given the decades spent trying to protect the wolf population in Michigan.

    People don't eat wolves, and it's just pointless trophy hunting for no good purpose. Wolf hunting may involve especially cruel and unfair practices, such as painful steel-jawed leghold traps, hunting over bait, aerial gunning from helicopters, and even using packs of dogs to chase down and kill wolves.

    In December 2012, after Michigan state politicians rushed a 'lame duck' bill through the House and Senate, Governor Snyder signed legislation into law that would designate wolves a "game" species and authorize the Natural Resources Commission to establish a hunting season.

    Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is leading the fight to let the voters of Michigan vote NO on this irresponsible measure. HSWLT is joining them in their work to preserving the progress that has been made in their Wolf Management Plan.

    Learn more about this program at keepwolvesprotected.com.

    Paid for with regulated funds by the Committee to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, 5859 W. Saginaw Hwy. #273, Lansing, MI 48917

    In order to expand the scope of HSWLT’s influence and effectiveness for the benefit of wildlife, we frequently share funds, expertise and HSWLT’s humane philosophy with other organizations.  All HSWLT shared efforts are rooted in our commitment to providing wildlife with safe places to live, forever, by assisting other organizations that share our concerns for wildlife and habitat. 

    Gray Wolf Close-up

    Because of much misinformation, the wolf has been persecuted, hunted and killed to the point of near extinction all over the world.


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