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    Calais, Maine

    270 Acres | January 3, 1999
    Jean Gardner
    Owned in Title

    The Gardner Wildlife Sanctuary was one of the first established by the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust when the property was donated in 1999. Located near the town of Calais, Maine, the sanctuary comprises approximately 270 acres of dense forest with a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees including aspen, maple, birch, spruce and fir. Totally undeveloped, the safe haven for wildlife contains streams and wetlands so vital to the survival of free-roaming animals.

    This sanctuary, like all properties owned by HSWLT, will be held forever for the benefit of wildlife with all commercial and recreational hunting trapping prohibited as well as destructive logging practices and development.

    The Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge adjoins the property, adding to the open space protected to benefit all of the free-roaming animals in the area. Known wildlife who live there include moose, black bear, woodchucks, beaver, white-tailed deer and coyotes.  Many species of birds depend on these forests for nesting and migration including eastern king birds, the scarlet tanagers, pileated woodpeckers, great horned and barred owls, ruffed grouse, ruby-throated hummingbirds and many warblers such as chestnut-sided warbler, common yellowthroat, and northern parula.

    The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust holds the title to this sanctuary.  That means HSWLT is responsible for all property taxes and maintenance costs for the property -- every year, forever.  In addition periodic inspections are made to ensure that the wildlife habitat remains in good condition.  These inspections, and the handling of any damage or destruction, cost heavily in professional staff time and travel expenses.

    HSWLT has promised to keep this property as a sanctuary forever -- and that promise will be kept.  If you can help with the cost of stewardship for this and the other properties HSWLT protects, please donate here.

    Beaver Close-up

    Though beavers are cousins to mice and squirrels, they are North America's largest rodents, weighing 50 or more pounds.


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