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    Fox, Arkansas

    1219 Acres | December 11, 1996
    The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
    Conservation Easement
    The Meadowcreek Wildlife Sanctuary takes its name from the Meadow Creek that runs through the beautiful Ozark Mountain Region of Arkansas. This 1,140-acre, lushly meadowed and forested sanctuary is part of a much larger greenway. Breathtaking mountains, creeks, ponds, and wetland flora provide food, water, and shelter for deer, fox, opossums, skunk, coyotes, rabbits, and red and grey fox, as well as bear and bobcats. This property came to the Trust through the assitance of John Hoyt, HSUS President Emeritus and a Trust advisor, Gary Valen, then executive director of Meadowcreek, and The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture. The land was transferred to The HSUS Wildlife Land Trust in April of 1996.
    Hawks Close-up

    With a hooked beak and talons perfect for catching and tearing meat, the hawk is an efficient hunter capable of great speed and precision.


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