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    Saratoga, California

    106 Acres | November 1, 2014
    Bequested by the Mitchell Family
    Conservation Easement

    Set within the Silicon Valley and surrounded by upscale residential areas and vineyards, this property is a rare expanse of open space and riparian areas.

    Mixed habitat, springs and a perennial stream provide high habitat value for the area’s remaining wildlife. About 40% of the habitat is California oak, about 40% is a mix of oak and scrub, and the remaining 20% is riparian.

    WILDLIFE: Wildlife known to use the property include mountain lions, bears, coyotes, deer and squirrels. Tree cavities, holes and tunnels offer evidence that other small mammals and cavity-nesting birds also flourish here.

    OTHER PROPERTY NOTES: Due to the threat of additional land development in this high-density area, protecting this property provides an important safe haven for local wildlife.


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