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    Ojai, California

    194 Acres | August 18, 2017
    The Taft Family

    This 194 acre property is located along the Central Coast of California among the mountains and valleys of the scenic town of Ojai. Bordered on three sides by Los Padres National Forest, the land serves as an important linkage and corridor for a variety of wildlife.

    The preserve is bowl shaped with canyon/rock formations along the northern and eastern boundaries. The land drains into Santa Ana Creek, which flows south of the conservation easement area and eventually drains into Lake Casitas, which supplies water to 60-70k residents in Western Ventura County. Conserving this watershed land is important to protecting Ventura’s municipal water supply.

    The property includes a very nice mix of habitats including grasslands and flowerfields, California oak woodlands with a diversity of native oaks, and scrub/chaparral in the higher elevation, rocky outcrop areas. There are two ponds that serve as habitat for amphibians, reptiles, ducks, and herons. The landowners have spent many years restoring and managing the grasslands on this property.

    Wildlife who occur on this property include mule deer, mountain lion, gray fox, raccoon and a variety of migratory songbirds and hawks. A review of the California Natural Diversity Database revealed the occurrence of 17 rare species within proximity to the property, including western pond turtle, California red-legged frog, coast range newt, and coast horned lizard.


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