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    Burnt Ranch, California

    30 Acres | June 16, 2005
    Gary Taylor, donor
    Owned in Title

    In July 2005, Gary Taylor donated his property, which is adjacent to the Munk Wildlife Sanctuary, to the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust to create a permanent wildlife sanctuary where human interference would be kept to a minimum.  No recreational or commercial hunting or trapping, no recreational trails, no destructive logging practices, no land development. As Mr. Taylor told us when he contacted the Wildlife Land Trust, his future plans for the property were to “let it be.”

    Having owned his property for more than 30 years, Mr. Taylor has identified an amazing number of bird species visiting or nesting there. Among them are spotted owls, peregrine falcons, Cooper’s and sharp-shinned hawks, saw-whet owls, and black and Say’s phoebes. Situated in a vast roadless area next to a national forest, the land also supports mountain lions, black bears, deer, bobcats, river otters, gray foxes, and other animals.

    The importance of the land to wildlife fueled Mr. Taylor’s desire to permanently protect it. After talking to his neighbors the Munks, who donated a conservation easement on their land to HSWLT, Mr. Taylor saw HSWLT as a match for his conservation goals as well. Now, for these protected acres, the future will be clean, clear, and wild, like the river running through them.

    The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust holds the title to this sanctuary.  That means HSWLT is responsible for all property taxes and maintenance costs for the property -- every year, forever.  In addition periodic inspections are made to ensure that the wildlife habitat remains in good condition.  These inspections, and the handling of any damage or destruction, cost heavily in professional staff time and travel expenses.

    HSWLT has promised to keep this property as a sanctuary forever -- and that promise will be kept.  If you can help with the cost of stewardship for this and the other properties HSWLT protects, please donate here.

    Eagles Close-up

    When eagles soar overhead, spirits rise. For many, these majestic raptors symbolize freedom of the skies.


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