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    Loveland, Colorado

    80 Acres | December 25, 2007
    Jill Vogt and Jack D. Cooley, donors
    Conservation Easement

    The Vogt-Cooley Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Steep, forested slopes combined with meadowland on the valley floor provide a mix of cover and grazing land for wildlife in the area, which include mule deer and pronghorn antelope. In addition, the sanctuary features reliable water for birds and other animals.

    Although this sanctuary remains privately owned, the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust has an obligation to perform periodic inspections to ensure that the wildlife habitat remains in good condition and that the terms of the conservation easement are being met.  These inspections, and the handling of any destruction or violations, cost heavily in professional staff time, consultants, and travel expenses. In addition the Wildlife Land Trust needs a reserve of funds for the substantial legal fees needed if enforcement of violations involves court action.

    HSWLT has promised to protect this property as sanctuary forever -- and that promise will be kept.  If you can help with the cost of stewardship for this and the other properties HSWLT protects, please donate here.

    Cougar Close-up

    The cougar once roamed all of North America, human persecution has now almost completely eradicated this predator.


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