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    Creeks, streams and the edges of lakes have so much to explore under the surface of the water!  Small living creatures that wiggle and swim, rocks that are different colors when they are wet, even sparkly sand.  You can build your own Pond Peeper to explore the many layers of interests in the water.

    You'll need:

    • Clear plastic wrap
    • Large empty can (like a coffee can) with both ends removed
    • 3 rubber bands


    Place a large piece of plastic wrap on a firm flat surface. Put the bottom of the can in the center of the plastic wrap. Pull the plastic wrap over the outside of the can. Put a rubber band around the plastic wrap and can at the bottom.

    Make sure the plastic wrap is stretched tight across the bottom of the can. Move up an inch and wrap another rubber band around the can and plastic wrap. Move up one more inch and put on the last rubber band.

    Now go find a pond or creek. Put on boots or other gear and step out into the water. Lower your peeper until the water comes up to the second rubber band. What do you see?

    Push the peeper deeper until it almost touches the bottom. Be careful not to let the water flood the peeper. What do you see now?

    Adapted from Camp Out! by Lynn Brunelle

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