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    Like to get your hands dirty?  Want to watch things grow?  With the help of a grown-up, you can become a gardener or farmer.

    NOTE for grown-ups:  With a smile and promise of a shared treat afterward, it isn’t hard to get a child to help you plant a garden. But how can you keep him or her interested? Here are some suggestions:

    • Use crayons to plan the garden and sketch a design.
    • Be sure to include visual clues for where to stand and where the plants are.
    • Choose some plants that sprout quickly, others can spout slower.
    • Plot plant growth once a week and keep a chart.
    • Plans for good things to eat or pretty posies to enjoy are very inspirational.
    • Making labels for plants allows children to personalize the garden and "mark their territory."
    • Avoid being critical if interest waivers. This should be fun for everyone.


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