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    Has anyone seen our chipmunk this week? Have you noticed that Cooper’s hawk perching on the neighbor’s roof each afternoon? Keeping a wildlife journal lets you track the changes in wildlife from season to season, year to year.

    Decorate a notebook to make it your own journal, perhaps a pocket size one for going on walks and nature hikes.

    • Include a field guide to help you identify tracks in the snow.
    • Look around you. Observe the colors, weather, textures. Close your eyes for a minute. What you smell? What do you hear? Look at the ground for paw prints and in the sky for birds flying overhead.
    • Write down everything you can see and what you feel. Make leaf and bark rubbings using a crayon or soft pencil. Draw pictures of the flowers or insects that you see.
    • Remember to put the date, time of day and location of your observation spot. Then try going back to the same spot another day and record what is different or what is the same.

    Always bring a parent or friends with you. And always keep a safe distance from animals.

    Eagles Close-up

    When eagles soar overhead, spirits rise. For many, these majestic raptors symbolize freedom of the skies.


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