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    Snakes provide important balance within their ecosystems. They are generally shy creatures who will make every effort to stay out of your way. Still it is wise to be cautious around any snake and to keep children and pets away from snakes too.

    These fun snakes, like most real snakes, are harmless. But these won't run away!

    You'll need:

    • Old ties
    • Craft wire or a wire hanger
    • Polyfil stuffing
    • Wiggly eyes
    • Glue


    Select ties of different colors, bright stripes or green and brown for camouflage. If you would like your snake to be bendable, straighten out a wire hanger or use some other type of wire. Fold down the ends of the wire with some pliers so that the edges are very smooth. Insert the wire into the tie.

    Stuff the tie with polyfil from each end. Glue or sew the tail end of the snake closed. Push some stuffing up into the point of the snake's head (the wider end of the tie). Glue the end closed and glue on some wiggly eyes to finish.

    Owls Close-up

    You can help owls by preserving their habitats and using organic methods rather than chemicals to eliminate agricultural pests.


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